DÖDGALDR "Thy Kingdom​.​.​.​" PRO​-​TAPE (NO TRADE)




We've founded our band in mid 90's. This was the time when we started listening to Norwegian black metal like Darkthrone,Mayhem,Thorns and Immortal, along with some synth bands like Lamentation or Mortiis ( The futher degradation of his music into a trend, was a huge disappointment for us, i think we had even written some threats to him, if im not mistaken...) Originally, my friends, my band fellows, were better musicians than me, for i was on vocals, and even when i've attempted playing bass, i couldn't figure out how to do it properly. We never had a full-time bass player either. So we ended up with some bass parts written by guitarist, and some by drummer. We had an old tape recorder , name of which i can't even recall now, and so we started to record our first demos ever. But all i was managed to keep, were some recordings comming from year of 1998. But as we were falling deeper into producing music In His Name, our guitarist started to have some ideological doubts,doubting the expediency of our ideology in general, and he ended up leaving our band. As time was passing, i've started to investigate the guitar. As a result, i was the author of most material we had recorded, we stopped using bass at all,and also decided to add some key parts ( we were shocked by sound of satanist from Emperor, as we listened to their demos and also i want to mention German band Moonblood )
Nowdays, black metal has become mainstream, a trend, the monumental IDEA behind the genre and it's style, turned into a cheap entertainment. But our old tracks still hold that strong, old spirit of TRUE BLACK METAL and it's fundamental ideas- hatred towards Jesus Christ, bullshit religion, towards humanity in general ( you all deserve to die!) and all those "positive" aspects and points of existence. Ave Sathanas! Hail Lucifer!!!


released January 13, 2017

released May 13, 1998

Khaerkkan - vox / guitar
Eric - drums / keys

All music by Khaerkkan and Eric.



all rights reserved